All our vineyards are planted in small parcels, completly grassed and surrounded by woods, This balance with the environment, allows us to use very low doses of copper in the vineyards.

In the cellar, we only use native yeasts, and we do not use carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

The grape-stalks and the marcs produced in our cellar are fully used to produce the compost that will then fertilize our fields.

Our estate produces more energy than it consumes, thanks to the 30kWp photovoltaic plant installed on the cellar roof.

Our wines have a very low content of sulphites: withes have half, reds one third of the maximum quantity allowed for organic wines in the European Regulations.


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Our estate follows the specifications of the organic farming and it’s certified by the institure Suolo e Salute for the regulatins in force in Europe, in the United States (NOP) and Canada (COR).