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Territory and People

Villa Papiano is a winery nestled in the south side of Mount Chioda at around 450 m above sea level, near the village of Modigliana  in Emilia Romagna.  We have 60 hectars of land of which 10 hectars are vineyards and the rest is olive grooves, woods and cultivated areas.

This specific area known for its unique geological formations in the border of Emilia Romagna and the characteristic of the local vineyards, gave us the sparks to begin an ambitious wine project , also contributing to environmental recovery of the area. The professional skills and the agronomic research  of our team, conbined with the eargeness for innovation  and challenge, are  the foundation of Villa Papiano project.

Villa Papiano srl Società Agricola, C.F & P.IVA 02062350398